Patrick Shamblin

May or may not have done the following:

  • Predicted the future
  • Disappeared
  • Got free real estate
  • Ran a 50 mile foot race at 48 years old, in the rocky mountains
  • Survived an encounter with 6 armed men
  • Bypassed world’s best security
  • Flew an airplane with no experience
  • Broke McDonalds
  • At over 50 years old, went over the handlebars on his BMX bike
  • Made money from nothing
  • Hacked the human mind
  • Performed live illusions on 29 people, in real-time, with no rehearsal or practice
  • Discovered a solution to the traffic problem in major cities
  • Lifted and carried an engine from a car
  • Ducked under his desk to avoid getting killed by a Russian nuclear bomb
  • Met the creator of the universe

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