You can have more or less, but it’s impossible to have enough

You can have too little or more than enough, but it is impossible to have just the right amount. Most people work to have enough money and that’s why they don’t achieve the results they truly desire. “Enough” is an elusive amount. It is not only undefinable but always changing. Try this experiment. State an amount of money that would be enough for you. Whatever number you came up with will only be relevant for a moment in time. While you’re reading this, a utility bill just posted to your account, now the amount you just stated has changed and has become irrelevant.

What to do? You can choose to have more than enough or not enough. Make a choice to go backwards or forwards. Choose one from the following. (Remember “enough” is an illusion, it is the same as Not Enough.)

  1. Not enough
  2. Enough
  3. More than enough

I’m so happy you found this blog and I hope you choose number three. It’s a choice in which you can grow forward in stewardship and responsibility. I hope to help many people grow to not only have what they need but even more so they can experience the great joy of giving.

Patrick Shamblin Copyright 2018


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